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Meet Our Partner: Clicly™

Clicly™ is a company/website that you can use their service to create your personal landing page that showcases everything you do in 1 personalized link. You can also get valuable insights including clicks and pageviews in one place.

Why Clicly?

You are allowed to post only 1 link in your Instagram bio section, so it’s important to make that link showcase everything you want people to see about yourself. Here’s where Clicly shines…Clicly lets you create a personalized landing page showcasing your other social media accounts, pictures, videos, and the list goes on.

Here is an example of someone’s Clicly page, which they have linked to from their Instagram bio section:

Why Pro Plan?

With the Pro Plan, you can have the following features:

  • Up to 20 Active Pages

  • Unlimited Widgets

  • Remove Footer Ad

  • Remove Clicly Logo

  • Contact Form Widget

  • Google Analytics Tracking

  • Facebook Pixel ID

  • Priority Support

  • Social Media Link Icons

  • Custom Logo

  • Custom Backgrounds

  • Super Short, Rare Unique Slugs eg:

  • No ANY Watermarks

  • Own Custom Themes

  • Upload Audios

  • Upload YouTube Videos

  • Upload Pictures

  • Overall, this is epic, for real, unlike Linktree, they suck!

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If you're interested in this offer, fill in the form, and read the instructions carefully! Enjoy the Lifetime PRO Plan!

Please Note:

This is not like a normal, promoting thing, I'm a Clicly™ and have used, and enjoyed the Pro Plan Really much! But now, you don't even need to buy it, because you can get a PRO Plan For FREE! What are you still thinking? DO IT NOW!

I swear you're gonna love it!